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Our services go beyond web design

We don't just design websites. Our ideas and knowledge deliver digital solutions that stand out and deliver results.

Our Web services

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Bespoke Web Design

Many websites these days use a fixed templated design because it's easy and affordable. However, this approach limits your control over where you can place information and can make your site look like everyone else's. At Greenlizzard Studios, we believe that cookie-cutter designs are too restrictive and can negatively impact the uniqueness of your website.

Your website should be created based on your needs and with the end user in mind. Every project starts on a blank canvas, meaning it's 100% bespoke.

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e-Commerce Web Design

When we create an e-commerce website for our clients, they benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge gained over 30 years in retail and hospitality sales, 11 years in web development, and more than 10 years in retail and hospitality. Our depth of knowledge has always been our greatest strength, setting us apart from others in the field.

We specialize in developing e-commerce websites, providing secure integration with multiple back-end systems, and offering technical consultancy and training to support our clients.

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UX Web Design

The user journey plays a crucial role in converting a prospect into a loyal customer. Therefore, every decision you make regarding your website design has an impact on how the user engages with your site. It is important to include relevant information that helps the user make informed decisions, and your call to action should be prominent and direct them towards a specific goal.

Our websites prioritize the user experience, ensuring that they are easy to navigate and engaging, while still focusing on your target audience.

Some of Our Previous Commissions